• Powerful fluoride treatment with the convenience of an everyday toothpaste
  • Clinically proven to help stop decay from becoming cavities after only three months of proper use
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  • For use in a custom mouth tray
  • Effective fluoride alternative for those who have difficulty brushing
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  • Great weekly fluoride supplement
  • Proven to reduce cavities by up to 55% when used just once a week
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Precautions: Do not use for children under age 6 unless recommended by a dentist or physician. Like all prescription drugs, use Colgate PreviDent under the care and supervision of a dentist or physician. Pregnant women or nursing mothers should check with their dentist or physician before using this product.
1. IMS Data Fluoride Market Reports on U.S. Drug and Dental Clinic Activity. February 2001
2. Baysan A. et al. Caries Res. 2001;35:41-46.

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